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About Lincoln Student Group

Backed by Bond Housing Group, The  Lincoln Student Group offers traditional shared student houses  and studio  flats in Lincoln's  West End and  Up HIll.  Our shared houses  are typically  rented to second year students who often  later transfer into our well respected  studio flats for their third year and postgraduate studies.

All our student accommodation  is  safe and  secure and is accredited by the respected and professionally administered DASH accreditation scheme.  Safety has always  been our number one priority  of course  and Fire Detection Systems  and Emergency Lighting are tested weekly. 

Business grade Virgin 500mb internet is delivered to every house via a  Unifi Mesh Network.  Communal  areas are cleaned at least every 14 days, or as  needs dictate.

Bond Housing Group has real offices and  and is headquartered  in Lincoln. We have  over 30 years  experience of operating student accommodation in London and  Lincoln  and  are  a national multi award winning respected student housing supplier backed with assets  exceeding 14 million pounds. 

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